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    经典美文英语短篇:约翰尼 · 德普朗读(中英对

    Today, the Gods made me bleed again  今天作文爱情诗散文网,众神又让我鲜血淋漓  They chained my feet, so tight,  他们紧紧束缚住我的双脚  I could barely move  我几乎动弹不得  I bleed through my socks,  我的血液渗透袜子  Last month was my left ankle,  上个月 伤的是我的左脚踝  today it was the right  今天是右脚踝  When I wash,  当我清洗时  the soap burns like fire  肥皂像火一样灼烧伤口  but I have to keep my ankles clean  但我不得不这样去保持脚踝的清洁  because I don\t have any alcohol,  因为我没有酒精  or broxide  也没有安眠药  Nothing to kill a bacteria or infections  无法杀死细菌或预防感染  and this place is filthy  这里很脏  I can\t remember what it\s like  我不再记得  to walk as a human being anymore  作为人类行走的感觉了  My cell is so small  我的牢房太小了  that I can only take two steps  我只能移动两步  Any time when I\m brought out,  当我被带出去放风  I walk briefly or infrequently,  只走几步路而已  I have chains on my hands and feet  我的手脚上也有锁链禁锢  as well as guards hanging on me  并且有守卫抓着我  And well over sixteen years since I have barely walked anywhere  16年来我几乎没有走过路  Sometimes I still can\t read my mind about now  有时候我也不知道自己在想什么  I\m working on my seventeenth year now,  在我十七岁工作的时候  There were times when I thought,  有时候会想  "Surely, someone\s gonna put a stop to this.  肯定会有人阻止这一切的  Surely someone is going to do something"  肯定有人会这么做”  But they never do  但没有人  Time just rolls on  时光却滚滚向前  It\s insanity  真是疯狂  I\m truly amazed of what they\ve gonna allow to get away with  我惊讶于  and for how long  他们能让我们离开多久  Oh well,  好吧  there\s no good to dwell on it  这样做没有好处  either I waste my energy by focusing on things I cannot change  与其浪费精力在这些我无法改变的事情上  or I can serve my energy  不如在这些我能改变的事情上  and to bled to small things I can change.  竭尽全力  That\s what the I Ching calls --  那就是《易经》中  The taming power of the small.  风天小畜”的含义
    写春夏秋冬的散文 散文征稿 爱情诗散文网

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